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The National Summit for Courageous Conversation (NSCC) is the Pacific Educational Group venue for bringing together the most promising and effective racial equity leadership voices, practices, and results from across the United States and around the world for examination and broader dissemination.

Each fall, we convene courageous, dedicated equity leaders to engage in a deepened dialogue about race, systemic racism and its impact on the opportunity to achieve in every sector of life. The NSCC is uniquely designed to elevate the racial literacy and consciousness of individuals and organizations to transform systems and eliminate predictable racial disparities that hinder growth and success.

The NSCC brings together leaders for racial equity from around the nation and across the globe to engage in a deepened conversation about systemic racism and its impact on opportunity and achievement in schools, colleges, business, government and community. The NSCC provides a unique space for collaborative exploration of the knowledge and skills needed to eliminate racial disparities in performance and experience.

The 12th Annual National Summit for Courageous Conversation on December 5-9, 2020, in Austin, TX will feature inspiring keynotes by distinguished thought leaders and a host of racial equity practitioners from public and independent schools, local government, business and media. National Summit will offer an array of concurrent sessions that share inside views of the challenges and triumphs of personal, professional and organization efforts to become more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn leadership skills to promote equity in boardrooms and offices, classrooms and communities.
  • Discover ways to effectively engage with people and communities of color in government and business.
  • Examine and address issues of racial equity in PreK-12 and post-secondary education, including teacher preparation, student achievement and experience, special education, English language learning, and models for student equity leadership.
  • Gain insight into how media communicates and influences belief, thought and relationships with identity, power and privilege.
  • Explore innovative strategies for advancing equity through technology.
  • Talk about race at the intersection of culture, education and politics for Latinx and Indigenous children, families and communities.

We invite you to join us this fall in Austin, Texas for to hear from some of the leading voices on racial equity, to share leadership strategies, to be inspired by performing artists and talented Austin area students, and to celebrate the efforts currently underway around the country and abroad, to build bridges not fences.

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