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The institute for Courageous Conversations About Race launched the inaugural Higher Education Think Tank (HETT) under the direction of Mr. Glenn Singleton at the 2016 National Summit for Courageous Conversation in Austin, Texas.

HETT concentrated on four primary themes: 1) Racially conscious admissions and completion policies and practices; 2) leadership, Culture and Campus Climate; 3) Faculty Engagement;     4) Student Engagement

HETT needs assessment/findings in the four areas included:

1) A lack of recruitment and admissions practices that are in alignment with school racial equity missions and vision; 2) Too few provosts and Deans lead for racial equity, placing untenured faculty, especially of color, in a precarious position when addressing equity; 3) Staff time at PEG to allocate to a peer-to-peer network; 4) The development of affiliates in order to gain traction in colleges and universities.

HETT recommendations:

1) the establishment of a Higher Education Courageous Conversation Network for sharing racial equity practices; 2) The need for a pipeline of student racial equity leaders across affinity groupings in order to bring about a unified racial equity project among students; 3) A strategy for accessing and empowering faculty of color, the majority of whom are non-tenured and wary about speaking their truth on racial equity matters.

This year, HETT will focus on implementation of the findings in colleges and universities while addressing the following questions:

1) How do leaders work with existing levers in ways that maximize racial equity in all domains of learning?  What is the crucial nodal point from which policy and program changes can occur?

2)  How do we become adaptive and proactive as an institution/department/school?

3) How do you use the protocol in a way that allows faculty and other leaders discuss racial equity in a way that enlists them rather than keeping them from racial equity work?

4) What leadership characteristics do we  personally most need to develop?

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