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OCTOBER 15-17, 2020

Streaming Live

About the Latinx Summit

The Latinx Summit for Courageous Conversation is our annual convening of Latinx people to build capacity for racial equity leadership in the United States and beyond.

Uniquely different from our annual National Summit for Courageous Conversation (NSCC), the Latinx Summit for Courageous Conversation (LSCC) is specifically designed and developed to meet the unique and pressing racial equity needs of Latinx people. To this end, PEG staff, speakers and participants may freely engage in the languages spoken by Latinx communities while discussing relevant issues that draw on community-based experiences unique to members of the Latinx diaspora. While recognizing the importance of creating affinity space for cultivating emerging Latinx racial equity leadership, all are welcome to join this rich and rare gathering.

General Registration
  • Livestream access to all sessions
  • If cancelled by September 23rd, a full refund will be made available.


Dr. Marta Moreno Vega

Keynote Speaker

Laura Gómez

Keynote Speaker

José Antonio Tijerino

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Laura Minero

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Nancy López

Educator of Ceremonies

Raúl Mateo Magdaleno

Educator of Ceremonies

Luis Versalles

Director of PreK-12 District Partnerships

Dr. Natalia Ortiz

Equity Transformation Specialist

Dr. Roberto Soto-Carrion

Equity Transformation Specialist

David Gonzales

Project Manager for Certification at Courageous Conversation

Jesús Ramirez

Equity Transformation Specialist

Zahira Kelly

mami, writer, DJ, singer/songwriter, visual artist, (some may say ‘social media personality’), mujer

Janel Martinez


Alan Palaez Lopez

Writer & Artist

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Indigenous Welcome and introduction of Courageous Conversation™ Staff & Educators of Ceremonies. We will explore the complexities of getting real about the racialized narratives regarding ancestry we have centered and otherized as we ground in our work toward racial reconciliation, healing, and empowerment.

Dr. Marta Moreno Vega and Dr. Laura E. Gomez, will ground us in the historical context of black and brown racialized experiences across the Latinx diaspora, and the implications for building racially conscious and socially just Latinx community.

Concurrent Sessions will be facilitated by keynote speakers and Courageous Conversation™ Staff. Come deepen your practice of Courageous Conversation (™) protocol, as you synthesize the day’s learnings!


Our Morning Welcome will set the intention of the day, “racially conscious Latinx community/coalition building.” Jóse Antonio Tijerino and Dr. Laura Minero, will engage us in critical reflection about the authenticity with which we are confronting the barriers we build within us as a “Latinx community.” Intersectional identities will be centered through the lens of race.

Concurrent Sessions will be facilitated by keynote speakers and Courageous Conversation™ Staff. Come deepen your practice and internalization of Courageous Conversation™ protocol!


Morning Welcome by Educators of Ceremonies will set the context for the intention of the day, “living our work to create racially conscious Latinx legacies.”

“Afro-Feminist Futures: Taking Back Our Stories and Addressing Harm” with Zahira Kelly, Janel Martinez and Alan Pelaez Lopez. This powerhouse panel will challenge our thoughts and courses of action as we chart a path to creating racially conscious Latinx legacies that interrupt interlocking systems of oppression.

Those who identify as Latinx and those who do not alike will engage in racial affinity groups to synthesize their learning in racial affinity, as they explore with others the unique opportunities posed to those who share their racial identity.

Closing by Educators of Ceremonies

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