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Past attendees have shared what they liked most about the National Summit for Courageous Conversation and what they found to be most useful, effective or relevant. Here is a sampling of their responses:

“I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with and learn from colleagues whose passion and professional goals are similar.”

“The most beneficial parts of the Summit were the conversations and topics addressed to deepen my understanding about race. Having the agreements and conditions reinforced in each session made great sense and kept conversation focused. The access to such well-informed, inspiring, and challenging presenters and participants was great. Seeing the children for whom we are compelled to do this most essential work was inspiring.”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to hear/see what school districts are doing around equity and race. I was impressed by the number of institutions of higher education that were represented.”

“I like the presenters who are doing the courageous conversations in their schools and districts. It gives newcomers like me an opportunity to see the work in progress, understand the struggles, and build confidence.”

“I found that attending the Beyond Diversity seminar greatly enhanced my Summit experience.”

“I appreciated the opportunity to network and confer with colleagues. I also enjoyed the keynote speakers and variety offered in the breakout sessions. I think the Virtual Summit will be an excellent resource to take this info back to the district.”

“It’s hard to narrow the field. So many aspects were so beneficial — the keynotes, the networking and the overall spirit and energy that informed this Summit.”

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