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Greetings National Summit Delegate,

I hope this message finds that you well and thriving. It is my distinct privilege to announce the 10th Annual National Summit for Courageous Conversation. The staff, affiliates and friends of Pacific Educational Group invite you to join us on October 20-24, 2018 in Philadelphia, the birthplace of our American democracy, to celebrate, develop and grow our dynamic community of practice.

In Detroit last year, “She Speaks Her Truth” heralded the unprecedented engagement of the voices of women now resonating around the world. The guiding vision for the 2018 National Summit, “We the Courageous People,” enjoins us to invite the multiple perspectives into the dialogue from which they were so purposefully uninvited in the “City of Brotherly Love” in 1787. The city of Philadelphia holds great significance for me personally, as home to my alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, and as a pivotal influence in constructing, institutionalizing and reifying the centrality of race and the permanence of racism.

The indigenous home of the Lennai Lenape people, who would come to be seen as “tri-racial” (Native, African, European), Philadelphia is a fitting backdrop against which we continue to examine the impact of race in education, corporate, government, health and community life. Philly’s complex history, it’s people, places, and sounds offer a rich symphony of color, culture and consciousness that can inspire us to forge ahead toward our fullest humanity. Given this richness, We the Courageous People, in Philadelphia, must accelerate, broaden and deepen the Courageous Conversation about race and the systemic transformation of the world.

Thank you for your continuing commitment to the pursuit of racial equity. The National Summit is where we gather to explicitly and intentionally energize our will, sharpen our skills and deepen our resolve to challenge White Supremacy. As our nation and the world is lulled to sleep by the daily dose of hatred, bigotry, and vitriol that characterizes our national discourse, a courageous new voice of Philadelphia rings like the chime of the Liberty Bell, Wake Up Everybody!

“The world won’t get no better if we just let it be…”

REGISTER for the 10th Annual National Summit today so that we can continue to change it.

Toward racial equity,

Glenn E. Singleton

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