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Greetings National Summit Delegate,

The racial truth of the United States, past and present, is the fundamental path to our prescient healing. For there can be no reconciliation without this revelation. If the struggle for racial equality has been the essential catalyst for America’s growth and development, as President Obama offered in 2016, for as great as we believe our nation to be, the truth of our time is that our growth, as an American people is stunted, underdeveloped, and deteriorating.

Just as the nation’s aging infrastructure languishes, so does the state of race relations, civic discourse, and life outcomes for people and communities of color. Our buildings and roads, energy sources and power grids have become archaic and dangerous from neglect and complacency, as have our thinking and understandings about democracy, freedom and respect for our shared humanity. Here at home and abroad.

The salience of race and racial belief in every aspect of life speaks directly to the need to interrogate what it means to ignore the crumbling and dysfunctional pillars upon which we have constructed our present, racially predictable and inequitable ways of living and doing business.

Shall we continue to pretend and deny the absence of the efficacy of these as viable platforms and algorithms for the growth, sustainability and prosperity of our humanity? Can we dismiss the undeniably multicolored, polyethnic, interracial lives and lifelines being bequeathed to our children? Or will we bravely and intentionally seek and build the skill, will and capacity to face the truth of our backward-focused, inhumane, exploitative and destructive colonialist underpinnings? Can we conceive of and consecrate a nation and global community of Love, Freedom, Consciousness, Interdependence and Equity?

I invite you to join the amazing community of practice that is the National Summit for Courageous Conversation December 5-9, 2020 in Austin, TX. A community in which we engage such an inquisitive vision. It is where we sustain our commitment to an equitable human family. And, how we deepen our examination of the relationship to and association with the systems of racial privilege and power under which our precious humanity is rapidly decaying.

There is a chasm of racial inequity and disparity in our country and world. Walls, constructed on either side do not, will not and cannot traverse this gorge. We must plan a design to talk about, deconstruct and transform our racial beliefs, practices and outcomes. We need a model drafted upon the knowledge of our truer self. We must build from a blueprint for passages instead of boundaries. Courageous Conversation is our design, model and blueprint.

Please join us as we gather for the 12th Annual National Summit for Courageous Conversation in Austin, Texas.

Toward racial equity,

Glenn E. Singleton

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